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Shit sucks. Had to by a new camera charger since mine *miraculously* disappeared from where I NEVER move it. I searched for the last week with no luck, so I have no pics of the new Elf.

Even had to restring him yesterday after redoing his faceup (horribly). Mofo's tiiiny at 15cm.
Jason got his new eyes.. Nice bright blue ones. Too bad I realized as I was putting them in his lower lashes look like shit. His upper ones I put in had to be shortened, cause they were waaaaay long.

Dollmore GO got canceled because they suck. Apparently it took hours of fighting with em to get a refund for the auto-canceled order. Bought Faolen some basic stuff off Nightfall instead, while I wait for my part of the refund. No hard feelings to the person who ran it though~ :o
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